February 04, 2019

U.S. Rep Al Lawson To Attend 2019 State of the Union

WASHINGTON DC – Tomorrow, U.S. Rep Al Lawson (FL-05) will attend the State of the Union in Washington DC. President Donald Trump will deliver the 2019 State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. Rep Lawson said he hopes President Trump addresses financial security for the nation’s most vulnerable, disaster relief and a path to a stronger, more united nation.  

“The President’s State of the Union Address should provide all Americans with a sense of stability, strength and the promise of a better tomorrow. Just in this past year, many citizens have lived under a cloud of uncertainty due to government shutdowns, encountered devastating losses caused by natural disasters, such as Hurricane Michael, and experienced the terror of mass shootings – two of which happened in my district just months apart. I hope that the President hears the voices of all of these Americans who may feel overlooked and need reassurance from their commander-in-chief that we are indeed one America. I would like for the President’s vision for our State of the Union to include our most vulnerable citizens – veterans, the elderly, students struggling to pay for a college education, classroom teachers and federal workers who work hard every day, but are still struggling to make ends meet.”  

Lawson continued, “As we sit in the Chamber tomorrow, I would also encourage each member to remember why he or she is here. This role is not about partisanship and internal bickering, but uniting and doing what is in the best interest for ALL Americans. I hope that message resounds in the Chamber during tomorrow’s address.”


WHAT:         State of the Union Address

WHEN:         Tuesday, February 5

WHERE:       United States Capitol