November 10, 2020

Rep. Lawson Secures Funding for Transitional Housing Assistance Grants

WASHINGTON DC  U.S. Rep. Lawson (FL-05) recently helped to secure $1,000,000 in Transitional Housing Assistance Grants for the City of Jacksonville and the Refuge House in Tallahassee, Fla. The grants for Victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Program will provide aid to victims who are homeless, or in need of transitional housing as a result of their victimization. 

Both centers will use grant funds to offer holistic, victim-centered approaches to provide transitional housing and support services that move individuals into permanent housing and help them secure employment and integrate into a community.

“It was a great honor to help get the Transitional Housing Assistance Program started,” Rep. Lawson said. “One in three women will encounter some form of physical abuse from their significant other. We must continue to fight until every woman, in every part of our society, can live free from violence and fear.”

The City of Jax project will receive $450,000 of the allotted grant to provide scattered-site residences for survivors and their families through private landlord housing units. The township will continue its partnerships with Changing Homelessness and Hubbard House to provide a holistic, victim-centered, and multidisciplinary approach to transitional housing needs in the community. 

The remaining $550,000 of the grant will be going towards the Tallahassee non-profit organization, Refuge House. The organization will provide a mixture of communal, clustered, and scattered-site housing units for 88 survivors while continuing its partnerships with Big Bend Continuum of Care, Inc., the Capital Area Community Action Agency, Inc., CareerSource Capital Region, CareerSource North Florida, and CESC, Inc. 

The project will assist survivors for an anticipated minimum of 6 months and a maximum length of 24 months. Services offered will focus on empowering victims towards self-sufficiency and permanent housing.