January 06, 2022

Rep. Al Lawson Issues Statement on the Anniversary of the Jan. 6 Assault on the U.S. Capitol

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Today, Rep. Al Lawson (FL-05) recounts the horrific Jan. 6 insurrection on the U.S. Capitol as a somber day in American history.


Congressman Lawson issued the following statement on the anniversary of the attack:


“As we mark one year since a deadly assault was waged on the U.S. Capitol, the Congress and the Constitution, we must not allow anyone to rewrite history of what took place. There is a lasting impact from the shameful Jan. 6 assault on our Country.

“The insurrection tells Americans that a sitting President of the United States would allow and participate in an attack on our Democracy. I recall walking into the Chamber to cast my vote after the attack in the early morning hours and it was hard to believe that something like this would happen in America. We have seen it in other countries but not here. However, this riot happened in front of all our eyes. The insurrection was orchestrated by Americans, then-President Trump was asked by his daughter, his staff and advisers to call the assault off and he did nothing to prevent it. Instead, he helped incite the violence that occurred on that tragic day.

“It is our duty to the Constitution and the Country, to find the facts of the January 6th insurrection to ensure that such an assault on our Democracy cannot happen again.”