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Congressman Al Lawson

Representing the 5th District of Florida

Lawson Addresses Student-Athletes’ Concerns in New Proposal

September 14, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Al Lawson (FL-05) recently introduced HR 6749 National Collegiate Athletics Advancement Act of 2018 to enhance benefits for NCAA student-athletes.

Lawson’s proposal would: 1) create a returning student scholarship program for athletes who did not graduate while students; 2) make it easier for student-athletes who need work opportunities in the summer; and 3) provides full health insurance coverage for sports-related injuries. Currently, athletes are only guaranteed sports-related injury coverage for amounts above the “catastrophic threshold” set by the NCAA.

“As a former college basketball player, I understand firsthand the sacrifices and struggles student-athletes face,” Rep. Lawson said. “My goal with this bill is to provide NCAA athletes the support they need to be successful long after their college playing days are over.”    

HR 6749 would eliminate the National Basketball Association’s “One-and-Done” rule, which requires American athletes to be 19-years of age and at least one year out of high school before moving to the professional arena. This rule has been a burden on many NCAA programs who commit millions to recruit a high school basketball star, only to have that athlete play one year before turning pro. 

“Eliminating this rule, would allow college programs to further invest in student-athletes who are truly interested in gaining a college education,” Lawson said.