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Congressman Al Lawson

Representing the 5th District of Florida

North Florida congressmen Neal Dunn, Al Lawson share concerns on immigration controversy

June 19, 2018
In The News

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - Leaders in Tallahassee are speaking out in reaction to the Trump administration's immigration policy.

The Progressive Leadership council of North Florida says, they're demanding response from the state's congressional delegation on cruelty to immigrant children and their parents.

"We will not stand quietly by and allow them to hurt human beings, babies, children, their parents who are struggling to save their lives," said Dorothy Inman-Johnson, the president of the Progressive Leadership Council of North Florida.

They're also pushing for more people to start talking about the 'zero tolerance' policy so they can create change.

"Let's talk about it, because you can't hold this and keep it within yourself because it is bigger than you and me," said Lee Johnson who is the pastor of Loved by Jesus Family Church. "We will not allow anyone to abuse our children."

Florida representative Al Lawson released a statement saying:

“It is horrendous that the Trump Administration is choosing to tear families apart at the border. This goes against everything that we stand for as a nation. Many of these immigrants are fleeing extreme violence and seeking a better life for their families. It is heartless to rip apart families in this manner. Seeking refuge is a human right that we must uphold. Despite what the Trump Administration wants the American public to believe, there is no law that requires family separation. This “zero tolerance” immigration policy is just the latest assault from his extreme anti-immigrant agenda. Republicans must join Democrats in demanding that the Trump Administration reverse this cruel policy. This isn’t about politics, it’s about human decency.”