March 10, 2017

GRAY DC - Gov. Rick Scott does bidding in Washington for Florida health care

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Governor Rick Scott is in Washington D.C., doing bidding for health care reform for Floridians. Scott is meeting with lawmakers as they mull over the House GOP Leadership’s repeal and replace plan. The governor says he is glad the process has started.

Rep. Al Lawson (D-FL) says if the GOP's health care plan goes through, millions will be kicked off their coverage.

“I’m encouraged by all the conversations here about the bill that has been proposed out of the House,” said Scott.

He met with an array of lawmakers, from Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), to Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), to discuss the bill that rolls back portions of “Obamacare”, like individual mandates and government subsidies. The governor would not explicitly support the American Health Care Act, but he says it’s a start.

“I’m excited that we’re having a conversation,” said Scott. “I’m excited that we had campaigns last year where we talked about how we’ve got to repeal “Obamacare”. We know it’s a disaster. We know he left in the nick of time.”

Scott says President Barack Obama left an imploding health care system for the new Congress. He says he wants to see free market health care, giving states the control in whatever the final plan is.

“The states should be laboratories,” said Scott. “Every state has different needs. I want to make sure people have access to health care, and there will be a variety of ways to do that.”

Governor Scott is not involved in the decision making process on Capitol Hill, but Rep. Al Lawson (D-FL) is. He says the bill is in no way acceptable for Floridians.

“The only people who should win on this issue is the American people,” said Lawson. “And with what the Republicans have crafted, they’re not going to win.”

Lawson says with this proposal, Americans will die. He says the governor should not be in Washington lobbying for what he says are higher health care costs that will kick people off their plans.

“People are able to get health insurance who have never been able to get it before,” said Lawson. “The governor’s position, and some of the other Republicans’ position is absolutely incorrect.”

The House continues to debate the proposed plan.

Source: By Peter Zampa