January 08, 2021

Rep. Al Lawson, Fla. Lawmakers ask DeSantis for briefing on state COVID-19 vaccination process

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Rep. Al Lawson and a group of bipartisan members of the Florida congressional delegation sent a letter to Gov. Ron DeSantis Friday asking for a virtual briefing on the COVID-19 vaccination process in the state, as soon as possible.

 The lawmakers said in the letter that they are receiving many questions from their constituents regarding vaccine location, roles of different government entities in the state's vaccination plan, as well as the role of health insurance in the rollout.

 "All of us share your goal of making the vaccination process in Florida as swift and effective as possible in order to save lives," the letter said.

 In the letter, lawmakers also said that with a briefing they could respond to those constituent inquiries, conduct oversight of the vaccination process, and better advocate for the federal government to provide additional technical or other assistance where appropriate and necessary for smooth distribution.

 "It's not going very well in Florida in terms of getting people vaccinated," said Lawson. "And so as a result we're asking the Governor for a briefing to see what they have set up and how can we help. Because this is very important that we're not dragging our feet. This is a time where everybody, even legislatures, and congressional people want to help to see what we can do to move Florida forward.

 Sen. Rick Scott also requested more information regarding the COVID-19 vaccination process on Friday, only his letter was sent directly to the Surgeon General of Florida.

 In his letter, Sen. Scott requested additional information on the State of Florida’s plans to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to Floridians as safely and efficiently as possible.

Source: WTXL