January 21, 2021

EWC, FSCJ, JU and UNF Get Combined $73.4M In Federal Emergency Relief

North Florida Congressman Al Lawson, D-FL5, announced Thursday that colleges and universities in Jacksonville are getting an additional $73.4 million in federal emergency relief funding as part of the $900 billion stimulus package Congress passed last month. 

  • Edward Waters College: $3,753,605
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville: $39,123,258
  • Jacksonville University: $4,914,423
  • University of North Florida: $25,620,098

Lawson, whose district includes Jacksonville and stretches west to Tallahassee, was among the congressional members who voted for the relief package.

 “This much-needed relief provides nearly $23 billion for higher education [nationwide] and will help area colleges and universities as they continue to experience some of their most challenging times,” Lawson said in an email to WJCT News. “The impact of this pandemic is far greater than we could have imagined, and it will not be an overnight fix. But, this is another step to keep our schools operating and educating Florida’s students."

Other colleges and universities in his district willl receive:

  • Florida A&M University: $27,027, 663
  • Florida Gateway College: $4,199,171
  • Florida State University: $60,163,914
  • North Florida College: $1,915,742
  • Tallahassee Community College: $19,526,792


Lawson’s office said a portion of each institution’s funding is reserved for student grants. The college or university will determine which students will receive the cash aid.

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By:  Bill Bortzfield
Source: WJCT